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Robin Leach's Last Interview

The Grand Finale of Season 1 is just around the corner, and we've come with the most revered TV host of all time, Robin Leach, in his last interview ever.

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An international executive and entrepreneur who has lived on many continents, Ken Christie’s vision led to Create Your World®. 

Prompted by an interest in art collecting and a quest for adventure, Christie sets out to examine American lives lived with passion and purpose, spanning far-flung fields — from the aforementioned visual art, into fashion, retail, liquor and spirits (blended with rock ‘n roll), aviation, and Americana. 

And that’s just a taste of Season One. Christie’s put together a coast-to-coast team for Create Your World®, which interweaves the subjects, own narratives alongside interviews with those that know them best — providing rich, captivating details including some great insider stories. 

Christie’s curiosity, empathy, charismatic screen presence, and natural ability to put his subjects at ease while drawing out telling anecdotes about their journeys, provides a focal point for the series. Channeling a contemporary James Bond with the tell-all confidential attitude of legendary interviewers. 

Christie is a memorable on-air personality who anchors each episode, whether it’s the glamorous world of a high-fashion shoe designer on her way up, or the compelling town people of Round Top, Texas. Christie’s tag line — “ Create Your World!®” — resonates with viewers due to his authentic, inspiring voice. 

To help  and empower  as many people as possible to be able to Create Their World, and break free of what can hold you back from happiness.

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That has always been the mission. This is the very philosophy that all our success was founded upon. Never has it been because we took away from peoples lives.

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